BGCLC – Genesee STEAM Story

STEAM at Genesee

Today the eight and nine year olds worked with motors, circuits and microscopes to understand how each of them work. First, we used the circuits to create a fan that when the electricity was turned off, the fan then flew a few feet in the air. Robert, age nine, said, “This is one of the coolest things ever!” Michael, age nine, said, “That’s awesome! I want one of these at home!”
After we worked with the fan, we used the motors to build a car. After a few struggles, the car was finished and the youth were very excited to see the car moving around the gym. Miguel, Gisele and Naythan were in agreement when they said “Look how fast the car is going! We have to run to catch it!”

After all of our building, we then utilized the microscopes. We had pre-made slides with dry pig’s blood, yeast and dried shrimp eggs. We decided to add some leaves to see the different colors under the microscope. The youth were grossed out with the pig’s blood with Jeremiah stating “That’s nasty!” After we got over our initial gross factor, Sherleen was heard stating, “Is that what blood looks like?” The other two samples we looked at “Looked super cool!” according to Leonardo.
Overall, these kits were a wonderful experience for our youth and we will absolutely do these again. Having more STEM kits, like these, would be great!